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Global A2P SMS and Connectivity

  • Terminating Messages to over 150 Countries worldwide with performance driven messaging services and transparent pricing.
  • Used by media companies, product brands/ retailers, organization, banks and enterprises.
  • This includes both promotional and transactional message termination via our Direct and wholesale Coverage for termination
  • Retail Campaign Messaging

    Who else would know your requirements better than yourself!
    • Providing an easy-to-use web portal for retailers to directly bulk messages without any intermediate involvement.
    • Easily accessible and payment processing efficiency.
    • 24*7-hour Technical Support.
    • Provides termination to over 150 countries worldwide.

    HLR Lookup Services

    HLR Services : HLR lookup services to companies and messaging provider who use it for various purposes example routing or scrubbing databases. Determine the home network of a mobile subscriber, or find which country the subscriber is roaming in right and check if a subscriber is reachable or absent.
    HLR lookup : Clean-up of database and removing the "inactive" numbers from database knowing that numbers are clean. Routing: Routing and delivering messages based on HLR information and via economic routes to respective networks.

    Two- Way Messaging

    • We provide the service which includes termination for both outbound (Mobile Terminated) and inbound (Mobile Originated) messagesas one complete service.
    • By using a dedicated number, a 2-Way SMS user can send the SMS and receive the response for the same.
    • We provide our users with a service to successfully send messages and the handset recipient can reply on the same dedicated numberand we will record and forward back the responses received from the handset subscribers

    Dedicated Numbers in 55 Countries

    • We provide numbering solutions to many online and enterprise companies.
    • We source virtual mobile numbers directly from the mobile operators in each country, adhering to all local rules and regulations.
    • With our geo-redundant servers, we can deliver VOICE, SMS and M2M solutions to companies with global operations.

    Application Development

    • Our team develops custom applications that solve critical business needs. Your business operation is unique and you know what makes it work.
    • Sales Outreach, Customer Service & Follow-up, Marketing, and, Application Automation are just a few example categories of how our clients have created custom applications to achieve their specific goals.